Construction Management

KLM Help You Build, Control you want, Savings you deserve, Guidance you need

Benefits of Help You Build

Most homeowners would ideally like to have more control over the quality, budget and schedule of their homebuilding project. The Help You Build program allows a homeowner to maintain control of their project by acting as their own general contractor with the expert construction management advice from KLM Homes, Inc.

If a homeowner is organized and has some free time during the work week, even if only a few hours each day, this may be the best program.

Help You Build homeowners enjoy another benefit: BUILT-IN EQUITY! Savings with this program are realized several different ways:

KLM home construction

Freedom to Choose

You choose the land
KLM will help guide the land selection process so it is right for your dream home.
You choose your home plan
KLM will be involved with you though out the design and permit process.
You choose the lender
KLM will help review the financing package to be sure it is best for your project.
You choose the building material
KLM will take care that you get what you want at the best price.
You choose the subcontractors
KLM subcontractors are qualified or you can use your own. You can even do some of the work yourself.
You pay cost for everything
KLM approves the workmanship and you write the checks directly to the subcontractors and suppliers so you know exactly what everything costs without the typical contractor mark-up.